Elettrosystem’s history began in the eighties, founded by Tona brothers.
The company brand evokes its own electromechanical competence written in the DNA, the first milestone of a consolidated know-how.
Following market needs, in 1990 the firm started producing first complete assembly systems. Since 2000, the effort is focused on turnkey solutions, on assembly and testing automation systems, proposing itself as Industrial Engineering Partner to its Customers.

  • 2015Horizon 2020 R&D project

    for development of new innovative Laser welding machine TWIMP™, starts the Phase 2.
  • 2014Just in this year

    seven patent registrations are requested.
  • 2013A new WeldingBOX Laser

    welding standalone machine is launched.
  • 2012A new StorageE

    automatic thermoformed tray is launched.
  • 2009Elettrosystem launch

    its new R&D department.
  • 2006Elettrosystem covers the global market

    thanks to an internalization process and collaborating with important multinational Customers.
  • 2003Elettrosystem completes a new plant

    completes a new plant integrating a mechanical workshop with milling and turning machines, grinding centres and quality control station.
  • 1997 The company builds

    its second factory in Asti with 4000 sqm meters area.
  • 1994 A new internal department

    is organised for mechanical design only.
  • 1992Elettrosystem starts

    to devolop and manufacture full assembly turn-key solutions for its Customers.
  • 1989The company builds

    its first factory in Asti, integrating the technical office design department.
  • 1984Elettrosystem starts

    suppling important engineering companies in Laser sector.
  • 1980Tona brothers

    found an artisan business company focused on electromechanical project for industries.



Elettrosystem is national representative for European Business Award 2016/2017

Elettrosystem is national representative for European Business Award 2016/2017
European Union trusted in Elettrosystem’s capacities and co-funded its project TWIMP via the programme Horizon 2020. TWIMP acceded to operational Phase II.

Twimp logo patents
Horizon2020 patents