Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Terms and conditions of purchase

  1. Orders are accepted and confirmed according to our “Terms and Conditions of Purchase”; any exception must be accepted in writing;
  2. The supplier is required to send written confirmation of the assigned order; if the written confirmation is not sent within three working days, the order will be considered accepted in full;
  3. Goods will not be not received unless accompanied by a relevant Waybill containing our purchase references, described in the order;
  4. The material that, after control in Acceptance, reveals incompatible with contract conditions, will be replaced free of charge;
  5. The supplier will perform the assigned task in a diligent manner. Any anomaly or error in the execution of the assigned work must be promptly reported to the Production Manager of Elettrosystem; the supplier must report any non-compliance discovered, isolate the non-compliant item, and strictly follow the written information received.
  6. The supplier is not allowed to perform repairs or technical changes. Please follow strictly the received documentation;
  7. The supplier is not allowed to replace the components described in the Bill of Materials with others, without prior written permission;
  8. The received documents and technical information should be treated with the strictest confidence and shall not be disclosed to third parties.
  9. The supplier is obliged to perform the assigned tasks on their own, and not assign them to third persons or companies, without prior written permission;
  10. The supplier agrees to carry out the necessary inspections, during and after production, including the check of measurements of all elements, respecting the specific tolerance according to design, and to carry out the final inspection of units as a result of assembly operations, before the shipment decision.
  11. The documentation certifying the inspections, mentioned in section 10, must be filed and kept traceable for five years. At our request, the supplier will to send us a copy in due time.
  12. In case of a dispute, unless otherwise indicated in the order confirmation, the court of competent jurisdiction is the court of Asti.
  13. Adequate protection during transportation of manufactured goods/materials must be assured, in order to avoid damage and hazardous situations during shipping and handling.