Our vision

Elettrosystem was born in Piedmont in 1980, with the development of electromechanical and electronic systems in the industrial sector.
From the initial idea to the implementation of an entirely automated system, we design and realize assembly systems which can produce and control our client’s products. Technological innovation is the key characteristic of our activity and it represents the boost for business expansion and new projects development.

Today, Elettrosystem is part of the Marposs group, a world leader in the supply of precision instruments for measurement and control in the production environment.


  • 1980

    Foundation by Tona Brothers

  • 1985

    Development of the first monitored mechatronic systems

  • 1989

    Realization of the first production plant (500 SQM)

  • 1991 • 1994

    New activities in the field of mechanical design

  • 1997 • 1998

    Realization of the second plant (more than 5000 SQM)

  • 2001

    Registration of the first Elettrosystem brand

  • 2003

    Integration of the mechanical construction of the components in the production chain

  • 2004

    Entrance in the biomedical sector; certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

  • 2012 • 2015

    Project of FP7

  • 2016 • 2017

    Acknowledgment at European Business Awards: Ruban D’Honneur prize

  • 2018

    Elettrosystem becomes part of Marposs group Business Line Standard Systems with TWIMP® and FlexiFeed

Technical department

Our technical departments have more than 20 designers specialized in mechanical drawing, electrico-fluidical engineering and software development. Our plants are 100% designed by us, in this way we represent a solid reference point for all the technical aspects of each project

Mechanical laboratory

In 2005 a workshop of 1200 SQM, in which mechanical parts are manufactured, was integrated with the aim of a high level of qualitative standards and effective reaction time

Electric laboratory

It is the area dedicated to the assembly and testing of control cabinets for automated lines, where production and testing are done with cutting-edge equipment and parts are validated through certification and control devices, in accordance with current standards.


Storage area is provided by a vertical automated warehouse. Besides the supply of material for the beginning of new lines, for a faster technical support Elettrosystem’s warehouse provides high-turnover spare parts for machines already delivered to the client.


Elettrosystem has a green attitude and respects energy and the planet; in fact we believe that reducing the impact of energy consumption is as much important innovation.

For this reason our factory is powered by renewable energy and also our machinery is realized with technologies that can reduce energetic consumption during the operating phase.

Beyond numerical data

The secret of every single successful outcome lays in the processes’ continuous
improvement, as a base for functional and regular investments in the technological innovation.

Elettrosystem is a national representative for the European Business Award 2016/2017.

Since 2004 Elettrosystem has obtained the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001 for the entire productive cycle and in 2010 it received the update UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, with a final update in Mmay 2013.

Calls Elettrosystem has taken part in:

FP7 European Commission with the project ALPINE

H2020 European Commision with the project TWIMP

European business Awards, innovation award 2016/2017