scuola di sicurezza laser

Laser Safety School.

Elettrosystem competes in the laser-application market by suggesting its solutions, which understand industrial needs and offer innovative products and services. Nevertheless, is part of a team with the biggest operators of sector when it comes to safety, this is the reason why Elettrosystem and other producers of lasers equipment have founded the Laser Safety School.

LSS, acronym of Laser Safety School, was born with the intention of being a reference point of academic-industrial level regarding laser applications safety.Safety intended as a discussion between operators and equipment or machine producers, and as a users’ education.

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Laser Safety School is the venue where industrial partners establish a deep analysis of the technique status and interpretations regarding the construction and integration of power laser devices.
A constructive dialogue, open and synergetic, with the aim of growth, maturation and refinement of industrial laser machines. Each company gives its contribution by sharing experiences, competences and its own idea about the status of the manufacturing environment.


Laser Safety School’s mission is to establish itself as a body of diffusion of the safety culture and therefore to offer academical formation. Through its industrial members, LSS reaches productive realities and suggests classes to operators, security experts or to producers/integrators. Teaching is practiced by University professors specialized in the field, already teaching at Milan or Pavia Polytechnic and at Federico II of Naples.

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