always by your side

We are industrial partner of many international entities, not only in the field of machines and systems design and realization, but also for everything concerning the operative support and the  consultations on feasability studies and co-design.

Special machines

We support the customer with analysis either on the automatic process or on the product design and its discrete components to ensure both the practicability and affordability of the automated process and  final product quality. We work together with the customer suggesting co-design adaptation with the aim of realizing a robust industrialization process. We ensure an instantaneous technical assistance service, with a remotely controlled diagnosis. 

Feasibility studies

Clients are supported by the sharing of many ideas and deep know-how matured with the creation of solutions in several fields in order to analyse the automation request with the aim of establishing the technical feasibility, the economic sustainability and the productive profitability in terms of quality and quantity.


The knowledge of technical processes meets the design of new products. We offer the possibility of a collaborative development, in each of its components and manufacturing status, and its automation. In this way the process and the product take advantage of the result maximization,


The equipment servicing we offer is qualified and punctual, in order to always enjoy the automated systems’ best efficiency, and the machines’ analysis for predictive maintenances or for the improvement or retrofit of processes.

Machine standard

We offer technical consultation to present Elettrosystem’s technologies to our customers, suggesting the right solution for the specific application. Workshops are also organized in this way  and, during these, various processes can be demonstrated thanks to our exposure machineries. About laser applications, we realize internally laboratory tests, validate welding processes and undertake cutting or welding simulations to underline the potential performances of the machine applied to the need of each production; as well as for the other standard systems we perform simulations and preliminary trials.

Technical consulting

To refine laser processes it is essential to know the behavior of the materials under the metallurgical/physico-chemical and technology point of view. The skills of Elettrosystem’s experts are a valid support in studying new applications or in improving already started ones. 

Laboratory tests

Thanks to its own professional instruments and trained staff, Elettrosystem, by measuring or testing, proves with numerical data the results of examined processes. Metallographic analysis, destructive tests and penetrant fluids inspections are available.

Laser equipment test

Maintenance of laser equipment efficiency is fundamental for security and for the process’ good outcome; some testing or cleaning operations however can be dangerous and require highly specialized staff.
Elettrosystem supports its clients by providing equipment for laser emission measurement, optical fiber inspection, laser head check, cooling systems check up, and much more.


More and more often it is necessary to evaluate, with a appreciable certainty margin, the sustainability of new applications. Elettrosystem is able to reconstruct a virtual environment in which kinematic paths and cycle time are simulated, for a quick and deep analysis. Service available for laser applications and measuring or feeding system as well.

Feasibility test

If necessary, besides simulating, it is possible to materially test a process. Elettrosystem can indeed create, with its own equipment or collaborating with suppliers, representative samples of functional potential or of process which can be industrialized and realized into new automated machines.