Machine for bulk component feeding.

The robotizes system Flexifeed is the complete solution for bulk component feeding.
From production lines to quality control and packaging, it responds to various needs of application in multiple sectors.
Flexifeed meets the need of making production feedings flexible and scalable with the aim of annulling the retooling, as well it can maximize the return of investment thanks to the  production adaptability in the time.
It composed by a round table (available in 3 dimensions) with a pick & place robot, and a vision system for the pieces recognising. Moreover, the control unit allows to manage more than one Flexifeed unit in battery, while the software platform organizes the entire system even without operators with skills in robot, plc, vision programming.
 In fact, thanks to the complete integration of each device in the platform, Flexifeed governs either the cinematic and the logic by a unique interface.


It allows to feed different pieces at the same time, without continuous and complex adjustments, new coding or setup; also its versatility allows to solve the well known issues related to the need of producing many different models via the same automated machine. FlexiFeed, instead, doesn’t require mechanical setup and thus is easily adaptable also to new products which have to be included in the production process, just creating a new vision system recipe.

Intuitive and modular

It solves any skill-gap problems among operators who use the FlexiFeed, in fact manual abilities and software experiences, usually necessary with other similar technologies, aren’t required. Furthermore, it is compact and extensible, easily scalable,  allowing to extend its functionalities to infinite possibilities with additional modules installable in battery.

FlexiFeed’s main characteristics


Small size: the three models are distinguishable from the diameter of the tables respectively of  450mm, 600mm and 950 mm


FlexiFleed can be configured according to the needs and to the models to manage


The system is characterized by a high level of scalability with instruments and equipment


It can be customized in order create a unique machine and perfect for the working needs