Assembly and test robotized lines 

Elettrosystem, with its 40 years of know-how, is a leader in the automated assembly systems sector proposing,  tailored machines designed on the client’s specific productive needs. The Business Unit is defined Solutions precisely because ours are prototypal solutions to solve complex issues, related to the assembly need of all the components useful to realize a specific product, and/or to test the same client’s final assembled product.
Thanks to the flexible solutions, adaptable to the many  manufacturing characteristics, Elettrosystems designs and realizes very precise assembly systems for components in various sectors: automotive, electronic/electrotechnical, biomedical.

The most frequent assembly line issues,  that  Elettrosystem successfully faced over the years, are related to the precision assembly of small metallic and plastic components, and to dimensional and functional testing that guarantees quality and repeatability.
High precision assembly, qualitative controls and traceability are fundamental for the Business Unit Solutions which uses Marposs’ cutting-edge and reliable technologies for dimensional inspections, leakage test, mechanical and electrical functional test.


Personalized systems

for a perfect solution!

High precision

for a flawless result!

Specific controls

for high quality

Cutting edge technology

for a better competitiveness